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A motivated workforce makes your business more successful and more effective, but how can you motivate a team of very different people? By giving them the freedom to choose their own rewards.

With our generous points-based system, Experience Voucher allows your employees to build points and choose from hundreds experiences in locations across Scotland to suit them.

Scottish business rewards experiences start from £29 and range from afternoon tea, cooking classes to bungee jumping and supercar driving. With over 800 experience options we can tailor the interests of each staff member to an unforgettable memory.

Your organisation, with profiles for each of your employees. You can allocate points to all or some of your employees at any time, and they can log in to see their points balance and redeem points against experience vouchers.


How Gift Rewards for Business Works

Our technology puts control in your hands. Login to manage your account, allocate points and contact your business rewards account manager.

  1. Allocate points to a staff member
    New staff member accounts are easily created and points easily allocated using your administrator dashboard
  2. They are notified
    Every time points are allocated, your employee receives a notification inviting them to login and review their account.
  3. They redeem their points
    The process is simple and they can top-up their points balance if they want to take part in a more expensive experience


To find out more about Gift Rewards For Business, please contact the business team on or call 03450600345.