Archery & Falconry Experience at Dalhousie Castle Estate in Midlothian

  • First, Learn about nature's best airborne predators
  • Then experience the fun sport of Archery
  • Two sports that are synonymous with medieval Royalty
  • Both activities take place in the beautiful grounds of Dalhousie Castle

Try your hand at the fun Sport of Archery and the inspiring art of falconry.

At the start of your experience, your instructor will provide you with the training required for this challenging medieval story of archery. It is then time to put your training to practice.

Stepping into the archery range it’s time to start firing your arrows at the target. You’ll require both skill and precision to hit the bullseye in this fun field sport. Prepare your bow and arrow, pull back aim and witness the flight and precision of this truly ancient sport. With unlimited arrows you’ll be free to practice and develop your skills, hopefully hitting the bullseye!

Then, step into the falconry centre and watch as the birds fly free from perches and trees, often following you wherever you walk, to swooping back onto your fist when called.

You will learn to handle and fly one of these beautiful Raptors whilst taking in the stunning environs of Dalhousie Castle Estate. See the birds soaring in the sky, hunting for prey and swooping majestically low over the ground. The effortless way these rare birds fly is breathtaking.

Once you’re flight session has ended you will be invited back to the weathering area and will be introduced to one of the other stunning raptors. Handling the bird you will understand how light and agile they have to be to fly effortlessly through the sky.


Throughout the experience the master falconers will ensure your enjoyment, talking you through what is happening, telling you about each birds unique personality and answering any questions you have.

The falconry centre is situated within the historic Dalhousie Castle estate in Midlothian. It offers fantastic accommodation for the birds and lots of open space in mature woodland to allow them to fly, giving visitors the ultimate experience.

The setup is designed to cater for small groups so as to give you a more personal experience with the birds.


Available at 1 Location

Dalhousie Castle Estate, Midlothian


This experience entitles one person to the experience

Experience Duration

2 hours 15 minutes


High wind can effect this experience


Minimum age 12, available year-round subject to availability


Not suitable for spectators

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