What does the open voucher look like?

The open vouchers come in the same packaging as our regular vouchers. The vouchers all have a coupon number, to allow easy redemption on our website.

How do I use an open voucher?

Open vouchers can only be used on the Experience Voucher website. To redeem an open voucher, please follow the steps outlined below:

★ Select the experience(s) of your choice from the Experience Voucher website, choosing the quantity of vouchers and also the delivery method. Then select ‘Buy Now’

★ You will be taken through to the ‘Shopping Basket’ – here you are presented with a box in which to insert your open voucher code. Please input the full code including any punctuation and insure there are no spaces – then hit ‘apply’. The total due will be updated

★ Then select continue to checkout where you will input the required details. Once this is completed hit ‘Proceed to Payment’

★ If the experience costs less/ more than the open voucher is worth please see further information below

★ Once you have completed the process, you will receive a copy of your new experience voucher. This will begin with the code ‘EXP’ – it is this voucher that must be used to book your experience with.

★ To book your experience please go to the Redemption Page – and complete the boxes. The voucher number asked for at point of redemption is the code on the voucher that you have purchased with your open voucher and will begin ‘EXP’. Once you have inputted your details, select ‘Submit’ and you will be provided with the experience provider details so you can book your experience!

What if the experience costs more than the open voucher value?

If this is the case, the redeemer of the voucher will be able to easily and securely top up the difference using their credit card.

What if the experience costs less than the open voucher value?

If this is the case, the difference in value between the experience redeemed and the original voucher number will be retained on the same coupon number. The redeemer of the voucher is able to use this value against a future purchase up to the expiry date of the open voucher.

What is the validity period of the experience redeemed?

The validity date of the voucher redeemed against the open voucher is the same as that of the open voucher. For example, if the open voucher has three months until it expires, the experience voucher redeemed will also have three months to be redeemed. Please note there is no top-up option to extend the original voucher validity.

The experience I wanted to redeem is no longer available

Your open voucher is only valid for experiences available to buy on the website at the time of redemption. Experiences that were on the website, that are no longer available to buy, can not be purchased with an open voucher.

Do open vouchers have to be redeemed online?

This is the recommended route for redeeming a voucher.

Do the vouchers have any cash value?

No, there is no cash equivalent for the open vouchers.

How quickly can I redeem an open voucher after purchase?

Vouchers are automatically added to our system so can be redeemed immediately.

Please also read our full FAQs.